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Electric RC Advances In Leaps And Bounds
Who would have thought, just three years ago, that an electric powered airplane would be able to fly straight up and out of sight? Well, today they can!  Advances in motor and battery technology have taken RC by storm.  Electric RC cars that can compete with (and beat!) glo-powered racers is not just around the corner, it's here today!  Visit us soon, or just give us a call at 1-800-544-6324.

Indoor Track Opening At The Old Easyway
Gadget Hobbies has leased the old Easyway building (just across the street from Gadgets), and have begun work on an indoor RC track.  We'll have about 4,000 sq ft to put the track and pit areas in.  Your input on how you would like the track set up is welcome. Send your comments to, or just come by the hobby shop.  We hope to have everything up and running sometime before the end of September.  

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